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Cats Corner

Who Are The Cats?

The Cats are the Over 35s part of Hunters Hill Rugby and have been part of the club for over 30 years. They have an extended list of over 200 active and non-active members from all around Australia and overseas.

While a lot of Cats are ex Seniors players, there are plenty who have never pulled on a black and white jumper and a few who have never actually played a game of rugby at all.

The Cats exist to allow ex-players, parents of players and interested members of the broader community to extend their rugby playing life and to support rugby at Hunters Hill.

There are basically three elements to the Cats – Rugby, Social and Community.


Each season, depending on the enthusiasm of current members, the Cats play a variety of Golden Oldies Tournaments or Challenge Matches

The Cats are well known as a social team that plays the game in the spirit of Golden Oldies Rugby – ie we don’t play for sheep stations.

The level of commitment required to be a Cat could best be described as "Low" with a "No Pressure" policy on playing.


You don’t have to run around the paddock like a boofhead to be a Cat. There’s plenty of boofhead Cats that never play a game, instead choosing to make their mark on the Cats extensive Social Circuit.

The Cats have an extensive social calendar, which includes tours, miscellaneous non-rugby sporting events and a range of get-togethers.

From the traditional season launch ‘Coming Together of the Cats’ on March 17 each year to the even more traditional ‘End of Season Tour’, the Cats know how to take life a little less seriously


It's not all about rugby and having fun, though.

The Cats are proud to be involved in supporting locally based organisation, Giant Steps. Giant Steps helps to educate children and families experiencing autism. In a reverse sponsorship deal, the Cats display the Giant Steps logo on their jerseys and excess Cats funds and any other fundraising is donated to the charity.

The Cats also support the Beyond Blue organisation which seeks to increase awareness of depression and related disorders throughout Australia. In this regard the Cats encourage and sponsor a commendable initiative by our Under 21 Colts.

The Cats are actively involved in the other parts of Hunters Hill Rugby, too, providing coaching, mentoring, fundraising, drive and muscle to support a range of club activities.

The Cats see themselves as the ‘elder statesmen’ of the club. Cats members are the foundation for The Archive Committee which is preserving the history of our club, they are the guys standing on Cat Corner every home game, cheering on the black and white hoops and they are the guys scattered throughout the club, doing what needs to be done from coaching, refereeing, serving on committees and more

Anyone over 35 and with an ability to have fun is welcome to become a Cat.


Chairman: Gary "TC" Lane
0419 233 970

Secretary "PeteCat" Peter McFarlane
0400 738 375

Treasurer "Macca" Michael McNamara
0402 890 459

Social Convenor: Vince "Bin" Cusumano
0408 635 006

Registrar: Ron "Stats" White
0430 510 073

Football Manager: Paul "Shieldsy" Shields
0412 470 749

Board Representative: Brian "Darkie" Robertson